Frequently asked questions


1) How to add a company to map and directory a global portal
Click on the icon in the main menu “ + Add New ” or on the button “ Add new company “ and choose one of the available account.

2) What are the promotional accounts ?
The choice of the two promotional accounts: account “BASIC”, premium account “VIP”.

3) How much I pay? What is the price ?

  • – Account “BASIC”, the price is € 9.90 for lifetime, pay by debit card, or credit card.
  • – Premium account “VIP”, the price is € 39.90 for lifetime, pay by debit card, or credit card.

4) For how long is the subscription for registration in the catalog?
A one-time booking fee applies for an indefinite period, therefore it is unlimited. The fee for both accounts is a one-off, LIFETIME ! Registration is valid for an indefinite period and does not need to be  renewed.

5) Can I change the profile information and make adjustments?
Yes, for any changes in your profile, please contact our support team from your contact email.

6) In which language do I add a business profile ? In which language do I fill out my informations and company description ?  Our website is in English language. However, you can fill in your profile and your data in your own language. At registration, we accept all the world languages.

Registration and payment for the publication of the profile on the portal advertising packages for both valid indefinitely and is lifetime quarantee

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To properly complete the registration carefully fill out and submit the form. The profile will be published after control of the administrator no later than 2 working days. Proof of registration will be informed through e-mail.
Also, you will be in both cases, create and send an access to your profile for possible adjustment data.

 For more questions please contact our support team